Highlights from the 2020 APC Innovation Summit – Reimagined!

The first part of the Innovation Summit – Reimagined! was held on Tuesday, June 23rd and Wednesday, June 24th.   Over 100 attendees participated in the following two sessions:


Key Note Speaker

Dr. Shaunna Payne Gold

Assistant Provost for Diversity and Inclusion at Towson University

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Screen Shot 2020 06 25 at 32022 PM 

Greg Gragg, CEO Blue Chair, LLC

 Screen Shot 2020 06 25 at 32229 PM

 Lisa Olmedo, VP Business Development for Gragg Advertising     


Reboot: Getting Your Marketing Ready for the Restart

Marketing and the economy- what to expect when this is all over

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Reimaging Fall 2020

What are your institution’s plans for reopening this Fall? Listen in as three APC member institutions’ share their plans, contingency plans and what they took into consideration to create a safe environment for their students, faculty and staff.

Moderator: Janet Silver, Hinman Straub


  • Michael Smith, President Berkeley College
  • Sue Cumoletti, Director Syracuse Market, Bryant & Stratton College
  • David Cohen, President, Five Towns College

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Encouraging Diversity and Inclusivity on Your Campus

Many APC member institutions are trying several approaches to respond to protests, show they care about those affected, and are taking action to promote positive change in their communities. Listen in as three APC members talk about how they are working to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in their institutions.

Moderator: Dr. Shaunna Payne-Gold, Assistant Provost for Diversity and Inclusion at Towson University


  • Marsha Pollard, Ph.D., Provost, Berkeley College
  • Warren Rosenberg, Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs, The College of Westchester
  • Angela Jaspur, Dean of Students, Five Towns College

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Presidential Election 2020

This presentation will provide an overview of the upcoming Presidential Election. Katherine Brodie and Kristina Gill of Duane Morris will review the election platforms for President Trump and the presumed Democratic candidate, Joe Biden with a focus on each candidates’ priorities for education.


  • Katherine Brodie, Duane Morris
  • Kristina Gill, Duane Morris

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Remote/Blended Instruction and Technology – What Works Best and How to Keep Students Engaged with their Course Work

Bryant & Stratton College’s Academic Affairs Team will discuss an analysis of lessons learned from the move to remote, how to move to Blended Learning in the Fall, and how to create robust training and development to support faculty in transition.


  • Beth Tarquino, MSEd, Faculty Learning Specialist, CAO Emeritus, Bryant & Stratton College
  • Lauren Kerzee, MA, Faculty Development Manager, Bryant & Stratton College

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“Combating COVID-19 in the Virtual Classroom: Using Our Digital Toolbox to Sustain Student-Faculty Relationships, Engagement, and Active E-Learning Across Disciplines”

Three Berkeley College faculty presenters from three different disciplines (e.g., accounting, college skills writing, and social sciences) will describe how they integrated digital resources (Canvas LMS, digital platforms, Zoom, and digital forms) with student-faculty relationships to retain students during the sudden and negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic during the winter and spring terms. This presentation will feature virtual demonstrations and discussions that focus on strategies and lessons learned that promote student-faculty relationships, engagement, and active e-learning.


  • Byron K. Hargrove, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology & Social Sciences/Honors Program Director, Department of Social Sciences & Humanities, Berkeley College
  • Arjune M. Sharma, MST, CPA candidate, Professor, Accounting, Larry L. Luing School of Business, Berkeley College
  • Jennifer A. Moschella, MAT, Professor, English/College Skills - The School of Liberal Arts, Berkeley College

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The Motivating Factor—Engaging Student Beyond the Traditional Classroom in the time of COVID-19

Before the pandemic hit the United States, faculty were already finding it difficult to keep students engaged, especially with intense subject material, uninteresting course content, and the influence of social media. Research has found that the more engaged students are, both academically and socially, the more likely they will persist. Classroom involvement is critical, and the more engagement provided through class activities and group work, the stronger the students’ motivation will be. But what happens, when one day the class is face to face, and the next they are learning remotely and attending classes via an LMS and chat rooms like Zoom? Likewise, much of the online class is wrapped around discussion prompts in place of the time that would be spent in the classroom. Learners often get caught up in the requirements, e.g. first post by Wednesday, respond to at least two classmates, word count, cite sources... and miss the point of having the conversation. Are there alternatives to this format? What other options might we consider providing to elicit more lively interaction? What emerges from these questions is a blending of both worlds as we made the move to virtual teaching for the remainder of the 2019/2020 school year.

In this session, two professors from two different disciplines will discuss how they attempted to figure out how to navigate these unchartered waters during uncertain times all while being remote. We will examine both synchronous and asynchronous tools that can add a different dimension for learner to learner interaction in both the traditional and online course. This is an area we have identified as an "issue" through some of student opinion surveys ("I wish we could do something besides discussions for the classroom "experience"). Additionally, we will be sharing our challenges with our solutions such as how we keep our students motivated and the results of these endeavors. Included will be personal narratives along with what worked for us and what didn’t work.


  • Dr. Erica Schacht, Dean of First Year Experience, and Senior Chairperson, General Education Department, The College of Westchester
  • Paula Cancro, Associate Chair and Assistant Professor, The School of Business, The College of Westchester

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Highlights from the 2019 Innovation Summit: