Like many of our other member colleges profiled in this blog, the Utica School of Commerce (USC) has an extensive, rich history preparing students for rewarding careers. Students that chose USC tend to do so for its exceptional business programs.

Founded in 1896 in response to an early demand for specialized training in commerce and finance, USC was among the first pioneers in private business college education in New York State and today remains a leader in the field. Originally located on the third floor of the Oneida National Bank Building on the corner of Genesee and Bleecker Streets in Utica, the college has since expanded to establish campus locations in Canastota and Oneonta, with an extension site in Sidney, in addition to its online course offerings.

The college serves roughly 600 students yearly – all of whom commute from the local area – and offers certificate and associate degree programs in health-related fields, as well as the fields of business administration, accounting, and information technology, among others. As a small, community-based institution, students have access to an intimate learning environment and personalized education that equips them with resources and assistance they need to excel both academically and professionally.

Perhaps most impressive is USC’s placement rate, which has consistently remained around 90 percent, including a 92 percent placement rate for graduates of the 2012-2013 academic year. Indeed, for the past 118 years, USC has certainly stayed true to its mission of helping prepare graduates for leadership positions in every area of business, and has connected tens of thousands of students with local employment opportunities in accounting, law, business administration, health services management, etc.

USC is equally committed to helping its graduates stay relevant, current and informed in the fast-changing and rapidly evolving technology and corporate landscape. Its “Lifetime Professional Development Classes” help graduates maintain their business knowledge and adapt to changes within their fields of study, ensuring their skills are kept up-to-date with the latest developments and advancements.

Similarly, USC’s Division of Corporate & Workforce Development provides business education and training across the Central New York region, offering both credit and non-credit programs and courses, in addition to seminars and presentations. Its relationship with the local business community helps keep USC attuned to the needs and demands of various industries throughout the region. The Division’s offerings include everything from Management and Supervisory Training, Strategic Planning, Safety and Compliance Training and Documentation to Computer Hardware and Software Development, Export Sales Assistance, Pre-licensing and Continuing Education programs in Property and Casualty Insurance, Small Business Development and more.

There is little doubt that USC has succeeded in helping its students find and excel in professional business careers over the course of its 118-year history. Its ability – and commitment to – evolve with the myriad changes in the technological and business world, coupled with its consistently strong placement rates underscores the oft-repeated point that while there are some “bad actors” in the proprietary education sector that deserve to be shut down, the vast majority of them are producing exceptional results for their students every day.

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