With a wide and varied amount of course offerings, APC member colleges provide ample opportunities to students with diverse interests throughout the state of New York. While we have primarily focused on those located in the New York metropolitan area – including Monroe College, The School of Visual Arts, LIM College and Berkeley College – this week we turn our attention to a school celebrating its 160th anniversary, based upstate in Buffalo, New York: Bryant & Stratton College.

Founded over a century and a half ago in 1854, Bryant & Stratton has certainly witnessed myriad changes within the higher education sector. Yet, even with transformative rulings, regulations and policies throughout its history, the College’s continued success in generating positive student outcomes is a testimony to its ability to adapt to the needs of the higher education world, and to remain current in the forever-evolving education landscape.

From founder Dr. J.C. Bryant’s Business Practice “learning lab” in the 1850s to the College’s “active learning” methodology of today and implementation of online education and training, Bryant & Stratton continues to evolve from the industrial age institution it once was into a 21st century college geared toward the information age.

Indeed, its mission to provide students with a career education that prepares them for the workforce is still readily apparent today. Serving nearly 10,000 students across its 18 campuses in New York, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin, as well as through its online program, its “EmployableYOU™” experience is especially beneficial, as it offers real-world simulations that focus on teamwork, service orientation, managerial, work discipline and literacy capabilities, giving students an advantage in today’s workplace. The college also has a “Professional Skills Center” that allows students to receive specialized training and provides individuals with licensing, certification and continuing education training opportunities. Each of the College’s academic programs are shaped by Employer Advisory Boards and subject matter experts who provide feedback on what knowledge and experiences will support students’ ultimate success as members of the workforce within their chosen fields.

It’s worth noting that Bryant & Stratton recently hosted an Employability Summit entitled, “Bridging the Skills Gap,” to discuss how companies are addressing the widening skills gap nationwide, the skills employers value most and how students can improve them before they enter the workforce. The forum featured a panel of hiring and human resources experts from CareerBuilder, ManpowerGroup, the HR Policy Foundation, Mainstreet Health and The Sparrow Group, and was attended by more than 100 people on site in Milwaukee, in addition to an online audience via a live webcast at each campus location and from personal computers.

Bryant & Stratton College has certainly proven itself over the past 160 years to be an institution with students’ best interests at heart, keeping current with workplace trends and requisite career skillsets to help them flourish and thrive during and after their academic studies.

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