Last week, a partisan piece about proprietary colleges from the Washington Post was reprinted in the Albany Times-Union, the daily newspaper in our backyard. As with much of the coverage to be found these days, it contained quite a bit of “half-truths” and misrepresentations that maligned the good work that the vast majority of proprietary colleges do every day. APC reached out to the Times-Union‘s editors requesting an opportunity to tell the rest of the proverbial story, which they granted.

The resulting published commentary by APC president Donna Stelling-Gurnett, entitled “Private and Successful Grades, Too”, is part of our organization’s ongoing work to dispel the myths that perpetuate coverage of the sector. Our thanks to the Albany Times-Union for demonstrating its commitment to fair, unbiased reporting and to helping us to set the record straight for the benefit of students, community members, and other interested parties alike.

APC and its member colleges firmly believe that interaction with, and investment in, local communities are at the core of our respective missions. By providing local students with robust educational programs, creating myriad employment opportunities, contributing to local philanthropic efforts and pursuing meaningful, trusted relationships with community leaders, our colleges have rightfully earned a respected home in their localities.

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